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Champagne de Venoge resurrected the Club des Princes, created in 1864 when Joseph de Venoge launch the “Cuvée des Princes” to honor the Princes of Orange. This prestigious Club brings together the greatest gastronome of the world, who are paring perfectly this unique cuvée. This elegant and famous decanter recalls the crystal flasks which European aristocracy used to decant their champagnes in the early twentieth century paired with the best dishes.

Club des Princes members are selected, one by one, each year, for their outstanding gastronomy who are pairing perfectly with Champagne des Princes. We are very pleased to welcome our new members.

La Lanterna ristorante logo

La Lanterna

Piazza della Repubblica, 27
04019 Terracina LT

Ristorante Cheri

Via Lucania 1 Alba Adriatica (TE)

Ristorante Cheri logo
Line wine bar logo

Line Wine Bar

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 176 – Salerno

Vin et Saveurs Emporio

Via Milano 12
26100, Crémone

Emporio Vini e Sapori logo
Da Romolo al porto d’Anzio

Da Romolo al porto d’Anzio

Via Porto Innocenziano 19
00042, Anzio Italy

Bar dello Sport – Colli al Metauro


Martin Tempo Lounge Bar

Martin Tempo Lounge Bar

Via Baldassini, 42
06024 Gubbio PG, Italy

Ristorante il galeone

Piazzale Gaetano Amendola, 2
61032 Fano PU, Italy

Ristorante il galeone
To wine

To wine

Viale della Repubblica, 23
59100 Prato PO, Italy

Re Tartù

P. Carlo Urbani,
Scheggino, PG 06040, Italy

Re Tartù


Colli al Metauro



Caffè dell'Orologio

Caffè dell’Orologio

Piazza D’Ova
41121 Modena MO, Italy


Via Augusto Valenziani, 19
00187 Roma RM, Italy

Madame Bovarie

Madame Bovarie

Viale Italia, 494
19125 La Spezia SP, Italy